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Get paid for your job application

Do you want to become a maintenance gardener?
Or are you already a gardener and looking for a new work environment?
Then you currently have your pick of employers.
So why would you want to work at Wesseling Tuinen?

Of course, we could list a whole host of reasons, such as the fact that you will have nice colleagues and that we work on special projects. Of course you will also receive a good salary etc etc.
That is all true, but you can also read the same text in all those other vacancies. Not really distinctive, is it? You are looking for the one place where you immediately feel at home and where you think: 'Yes, this team is something for me'.
We understand that it is very difficult to judge from a few lines of text.
That is why we invite you to come and experience! Come and join us for a day (paid!). You can ask us anything that day! Get to know the team and discover why we call ourselves knowledge gardeners.

Do you like this day?

Then at the end of the day it is our turn and we can ask you anything. Who knows, maybe you will have found your new job.

Does this sound like a good plan?

Then fill in the form below to request your experience day.

The Men from Wesseling a.k.a. De Mannen van Wessling



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